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Flashlights – “Failure”


Pairs Well With…Superchunk, Against Me!, Frightened Rabbit


Flashlights by description seem more of the same – emotional power pop, punk-infused modern rock, teenage sing-a-longs – though the trick is they do it really, really well.  In fact, this accessibility comes less from straight hooks and more through intricate details.  Flashlights hail from outside of Orlando, Florida and there’s an unexpected freshness to last year’s Don’t Take Me Seriously EP, strong and sharp production waxing to moments of pop perfection.  From puncturing guitar riffs to bouncing choral bass lines, Flashlights cover a wide amount of range on the EP’s three songs, explorations that will be leveraged into an upcoming sophomore full-length Bummer Summer.  Lead single “Failure” is the band’s deepest both sonically and lyrically, stepping far away from pop-punk traditions into indie emotionalism – Flashlights’ best track yet.  Bummer Summer, featuring production from Frightened Rabbits’ Scott Hutchinson and Andy Monaghan, is due on June 24th.

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